I haven’t posted progress in a million years. The chain suit is finished. All I have left is finishing the leather and casting the elf ears.

You did Merrill’s full-body chain?! It looks amazing, how did you do it? It must have taken SO much time and work! Err, I should ask, is it ok to reblog this? I just wanted my followers to see it.

Thanks:D Rebloging is fine. Your followers can also see my bathroom:D

It’s taken about 2 years. There are 20,000 aluminum rings (I think it was 16 gauge but I don’t remember.) The instructions for making the sleeves and making it fitted come from here I also used the pants pattern from the Armor Archive.

I am reblogging this version too so my followers can see it and spread it like wild fire, this took two years of sticking to it and pure dedication

I have literally never seen something more badass, I’m like in cosplay tears over it and I remember you starting this forever ago and I remember liking it back then too. It is amazing to see and I hope I get to see pictures of the final product.

Seriously well done. Oh my frick.


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Tudor Blue Gown


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I don’t have anywhere to wear a cobalt blue medieval linen gown, but if I did…

(via Blue Dress Lady of the Lake medieval dress linen by armstreet)

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Cate Blanchett in ‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ (2007).

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Fun fact: Most of the shoes featured in Marie Antoinette (2006) were specially designed for the film by Manolo Blahnik.

(Source: brandyalexanders)


Costume designed by Philip Prowse for the 1984 production of Phèdra

From the V&A

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FIDM Debut 2014 “Jazz”

Illustrations & Sewn/Built Costume: Theatrical 1920s showgirl

Model: Sharaun Brown (LA Models)

Hand built headdress with iridescent sequins, chromed beads, generously donated Swarovski crystals, and ostrich feathers on a wired felt base

Printed gold foil sleeves and wrap on iridescent silk dupioni with adjustable gold bracelets

Hand made, hand chromed, painted and aged deco “leaf” bra and loincloth made from EVA foam with chromed beads

Hand painted shoes with iridescent sequins

See the full video here!! (1:10 - 10:00)


Song of Love (1947) - Katharine Hepburn as Clara Wieck Shumann wearing a strapless velvet dress and a Joseff of Hollywood dual brooch, meant to look like an arrow going through the sweetheart neckline.

The costumes were designed by Walter Plunkett.